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Upon onboarding, you will receive a set of log-in credentials consisting of a username, password and api_key. If you haven’t received these, please speak to your Heron rep, or e-mail us at


If you want to try out our merchant capabilities without credentials, visit our try page.

API access

We use Basic access authentication. This means you should send the base64-encoded version of your username:api_key in the Authorization: Basic header.

Most modern HTTP libraries handle the encoding for you, but here's a step-by-step example for clarity:

  1. Encode your username and api_key to get your token:

    echo -n "<username>:<api_key>" | openssl base64
  2. Add the output of the above command in the Authorization header:

    curl "" \
    --header 'Authorization: Basic <base-64-encoded-token>'

Dashboard access

To log in to the dashboard, please go to and use the username and password provided to you.

To reset your password, navigate to the Settings tab on the left and press Reset.

Sandbox vs Production

We handle sandbox and production environments at the credential level. We will issue you with a set of credentials you can use for development purposes during your trial / onboarding phase.

When you’re ready to move to production, please contact us, and we will issue you a set of production credentials.