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To get started, please email for API credentials.

Postman Collection

The fastest way to start is to use our Postman Collection with your credentials.

You can find the Postman collection here. Simply open the collection in Postman, click the three ellipses on the right hand side of the collection in the pane on the left, select "edit", then "Authorization" and pick "Basic Auth" in the drop-down and enter your credentials. Post transactions to /transactions and see results!


By clicking the three ellipses in the middle pane and selecting "code", you can see code snippets for the request you're currently making.

Use Cases

Applicant Flow (SME Lending)

Automated processing

  1. For an end_user_id, send 1 or more POST transactions requests.
  2. When finished sending transactions for end_user_id, send a PUT end_users request with status "ready" to indicate that processing should begin.
  3. When we're done processing, we will notify you with a webhook with topic end_user.processed and the end user id.
  4. Send a GET transactions?end_user_id=myenduser to get the processed transactions for that end user.
  5. Send a GET end_users/statistics request to get statistics for that end user.

The transactions and statistics you will receive for an end_user are globally enriched across all POST /transactions requests.

Manual review

After all the steps for "Automated processing" above, if you want to request manual review for an end_user_id:

  1. Send a PUT /end_users request with status review_requested in the request body to indicate that you want manual review.
  2. When we're done manually reviewing, we will notify you with a webhook with topic end_user.reviewed and the end_user_id.
  3. Send the GET requests in steps 4 and 5 above.

What do I have to do to use this full flow?

  • Provide us with a webhook URL we can call to notify you when async processing is done.
  • Ensure that end_user_id and reference_id are consistent across different batches over time for the same applicant.