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We currently do not offer the ability to self-signup, but our onboarding process is straightforward. Email to get started or book a call with us here.


  1. You send us a list of desired category labels
  2. You share examples of transactions, labelled if possible
  3. We tune our model based on your input
  4. We provision API credentials to you
  5. You can post transactions for real-time or asynchronous labelling to the API

Category Examples

We work with customers across SME and consumer data, including use cases like lending, tax optimisation, budgeting, etc. Our customers derive most value from us when tailoring their categories to their specific use case, and all of our customers have different category labels. Possible examples include:

  • Consumer Lending: Pick out gyms and charities as positive predictors of repayment rates. Differentiate between different loan categories for existing loans (Mortgage vs. Car loan vs. Near-prime unsecured personal loan vs. Payday loan).
  • Carbon Budgeting: Differentiate vegan restaurants from normal restaurants. Split up travel into airlines, trains, car travel.
  • SME Lender: Differentiate between recurring and non-recurring revenue. Split out personal expenses.

Note: These examples are fictitious. Your category labels will not be disclosed to any third-party.


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