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Async Flow

Depending on the number of transactions you need to post, you might not be able to send them all in a single API request as you'll eventually hit timeouts.

The solution to this is to send transactions in batches of 5,000. We will process these asynchronously and notify you via a webhook once the processing is done.

This process is explained below.

Automated processing#

  1. For an end_user_id, send 1 or more POST transactions requests.
  2. When finished sending transactions for end_user_id, send a PUT end_users request with status "ready" to indicate that processing should begin.
  3. When we're done processing, we will notify you with a webhook with topic end_user.processed and the end user id.
  4. Send a GET transactions?end_user_id=myenduser to get the processed transactions for that end user.
  5. Send a GET end_users/statistics request to get statistics for that end user.

The enrichments and statistics you will receive for an end user are global i.e. they take into account transactions across all POST /transactions requests for this end user.

Manual review (optional)#

After the steps above, if you want to request a manual review for an end_user_id:

  1. Send a PUT /end_users request with status review_requested in the request body to indicate that you want manual review.
  2. When we're done manually reviewing, we will notify you with a webhook with topic end_user.reviewed and the end_user_id.
  3. Send the GET requests in steps 4 and 5 above.

How do I get started with the async flow?#

  1. Provide us with a webhook URL we can call to notify you when async processing is done.
  2. Ensure that end_user_id and reference_id are consistent across different batches over time for the same applicant.