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Heron Data - categorise and label bank transaction data.



Heron Data enriches and cleans your bank transaction data. We do this by offering you categorisation according to flexible categories that suit your use case.

What we offer

We currently offer 2 services:

  1. Asynchronous labelling: Post a set of bank transactions, and we will categorise the transactions for you within 60 mins - 24 hours. Possible use cases include SME lending or the creation of a ground-truth data set for ML algorithsm.
  2. Real-time labelling: After we tune our model based on your input, we host your custom categorisation model, which you can access via API for real-time categorisation. Use cases include enrichment of transaction data for improved UX or mapping of transactions to real-world categories that are required for business logic, such as tax codes or carbon intensity categories.

In both cases, some of our key features include:

  • Categorisation - Our approach combines a variety of heuristics, machine learning, and NLP approaches for labelling
  • Recurrency - Calculate which transactions are recurring vs. one-off (e.g., subscriptions)
  • Intra-Account Transfers - We use logic to reconcile intra-account transfers
  • Feedback - Continually improve your model by providing feedback
  • Accuracy (beta) - Accuracy metric based on multiple annotations per transaction
  • Merchant identification (beta) - Extract a merchant based on transaction

Where do I get bank transaction data from?

We typically work with people who either access bank transaction data through an AISP (e.g., Plaid, Truelayer) or themselves generate bank transaction data (e.g. by issuing a card or hosting a checking account). While we do not offer the direct bank connection, we have deep expertise in this area and can help you get set up with a provider.


We have collectively spent more than a decade building and scaling Fintech businesses. We have repeatedly encountered transaction enrichment as an issue, and we have seen that many companies end up building in-house solutions in parallel, without every profiting from larger data lakes or more sophisticated ML approaches.

So we built Heron Data to make the life of anyone working with bank transaction data easier - by categorising data with categories you define, so that you can focus on shipping features and gaining insights instead of cleaning data, writing keywords or maintaining merchant lists.


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